Share Our Safe and Joyful Masterpiece to the World

Our company name WABADADA is derived from a exclamation when we see our beautiful sea.

After a century or a thousand years, we wish our descendant say WABADADA when they face our wonderful sea. It is our managerial objective and all staffs enjoy our work and have sense of duty.

Moreover, we will do our best to make farm and fishing village full of bliss and happiness by our facilities (product), ‘NURINABY’, ‘NAKANABY’, ‘Recreating Fishing Village’, ‘Village Tour’, ‘Well-known Local Products (Special Local Products)’, with the management ideology, “Share Our Safe and Joyful Masterpiece to the World”

We will never lose our first intention and make a step forward as we have done from 2005 until now, please stay with us.

Furthermore, please give us lot of attention, encouragement and cheer.

Let’s love our sea, villages.

Gwang Pyo, Lee.