Electronic 360-degree rotation swing system

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Electronic 360-degree rotation swing system

R&D fund Korea Government for 2years

Patent Registration

  • Patent application 10-2016-0101921 <Swing type rotation experience ride system.>
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty

How to Game

Healswing is World’s first Swing Game.

You must have Health, Courage & swing Technic.

Hey, Join us HealSwing Game~~~^^

Age : 4 ~ 100years

Weight : under 100kg(220  Lbs), Sorry~~~

Site : Only Korea in the World
1. Gangneung city = Height 3M, 4M,
2. Gimcheon city = Height 3M
3. Open Plan = Jeju city(October, 2019) / Vivaldi Park(September, 2019) and Hangang, Namsan, Dongdaemoon, etc.

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